Renovations – Maximizing your client’s budget

Stop!  Don’t “gut” it!

In most cases, completely tearing something out and starting over is going to be much more expensive than seeing what you can make work.

Cabinets – If the layout of the kitchen/bathroom works, try keeping the cabinetry.  It’s amazing what a few coats of paint can do to dated kitchen cabinets.  This also eliminates the need for a plumber.  Check out this tutorial from Remodelaholic for tips and tricks to on painting cabinets.

Countertops – If your client’s neighborhood can support the investment in a nice stone countertop, it’s well worth it.  Future buyers love three things: granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and hardwoods.  The home values in some neighborhoods cannot support stone, so you may recommend a nice faux stone laminate.  Avoid trendy edges for a classic look.

Paint – The most common mistake I see in renovations is using the wrong sheen of paint.  The more glossy the sheen, the less forgiving it is to imperfections.  Please stress this to your clients!  Even in new construction, walls are not perfect and any sort of sheen is going to show every tiny imperfection.

  • Walls – flat
  • Trim – semi-gloss
  • Cabinets – semi-gloss
  • Wainscoting –  satin or semi-gloss