New Homes Series: The Septic System

Many of the new homes being built are not connected to city water and sewer.  Here’s what you need to know about septic systems.

Conventional Septic System: 

All interior drains run into a single wastewater pipe that carries the used water out of the house and into the septic tank.  Solids sink to the bottom of the tank and are referred to as sludge.  Lighter waste, like fats and oils float to the top and form the scum layer.  The clarified middle layer of liquid wastewater runs out into the leach field or drain field through perforated pipes or tubing.  The liquid wastewater is filtered by the sand and soil before reaching the groundwater supply.

The two main types of conventional systems are gravity systems and pressurized systems which use a pump to regulate water flow into the leach field.

Alternative Septic Systems

There are more than a dozen different types of alternative septic systems for properties with different needs.  Unique geography, proximity to lakes, streams, ponds, rivers, and oceans, various local laws, environmentally conscious consumers, or whole community systems rather than individual systems account for many of the reasons an alternative system may be needed.

For more information on alternative septic systems, please visit Home Plans Advisor or contact your local company specializing in septic system installation and repair.