Not All Agents Are Created Equal – How to Pick the Right Agent for YOU!

Selecting the right agent is important.  Everyone’s needs are different.  This guide will help you find the agent that will best meet your needs, and it may not be what you expect!  Depending on your personality, experience, and expectations, where you fall on the experience vs. availability scale will determine which type of agent may be ideal for you.

Experienced Agents: 

Top producing agents are leaders in the real estate field.  They have more clients, more listings, more sales, and more experience than the majority of their competition.  It has likely taken that top producing agent years of hard work and dedication to get to this point.

These agents are always on the go!  Showings, appointments, research, all of these things take time, therefore top producing agents often employ newer agents or form teams to meet the needs of their customers.  Depending on the skill and devotion of the people working with that agent, clients may receive an excellent level of service from either the top producing agent or one of the members of his or her team that takes over your transaction.

New Agents:

A new agent lacks experience.  They have few, if any listings, clients, and sales.  They have plenty of time to devote to their clients, are up to date on real estate laws, and are eager to prove themselves and get started in this market.  They will likely provide more time and attention than any other agent, but his or her lack of experience may result in hiccups along the way.

Goldilocks Agents:

The goldilocks agent has been in the business long enough to have some experience with listings, clients, sales, attorneys, photographers, inspectors, etc.  They are probably working with a few clients at any given time, but would be able to handle a couple more without a drop in service.  They can often answer your calls or return them within a couple hours, and are usually able to go see a new listing on short notice.

Which is right for you?

Realtors are human.  They still only get 24 hours per day regardless of whether they’re working with one client or 30 clients.

That experienced agent may be phenomenal at his or her job, but at some point, the time devoted to each customer is reduced.

The new agent can call and email you multiple times per day.  They have the time to look at 30 houses and are eager to earn your business and future referral business.

The goldilocks agent is at the equilibrium of experience and attention.  They have some experience and are able to spent more time and attention than an experienced agent.

Questions consumers should ask themselves:

  • Do I expect my agent to be available to talk to all day?

The new agent may be for you.  Top producers may not be ideal for you.

  • Do I expect my agent to be available to go see a new listing with short notice?

The new or goldilocks agent may be for you.  Top producers may not be ideal for you.

  • Do I expect my agent to have the experience of having closed hundreds of transactions?

The top producing, experienced agent may be for you.

  • Do I expect my agent to get in touch with me daily?

If you want to be in touch daily, the new or goldilocks agent will be able to meet this need better than a top producer.

  • Am I going to want to see houses before I really know what I’m looking for?

A newer or goldilocks agent may be ideal as they may be more willing to spend time showing you houses and helping you determine your needs.

  • Do I know exactly what I want and expect that my agent understands my unique needs and will find my new home quickly?

The experienced agent or the goldilocks agent may be ideal for you.  Their knowledge of neighborhoods and current inventory may speed up the process.

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Taylor Anderson

Taylor Anderson is a Residential Real Estate Broker/Realtor in Cary, NC and the surrounding areas. With a background in investment real estate, Taylor believes every real estate transaction is an investment. Minimizing risk while maximizing returns through an analysis of current market data yields wise investments and more importantly, knowledgable homeowners and investors. This resale-centric approach continues to encourage astute purchases for families and investors alike.

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