New Homes Series: Types of Builders

  1. Custom
  2. Semi-Custom
  3. Production

Custom Builders

  • One of a kind homes
  • Built the suit the specific client
  • Particular location
  • Plans drafted by an architect
  • Land may be owned by the client or the builder

Semi-Custom Builders

  • Some flexibility in pre-drafted floor plans.
    • Moving some interior walls
    • Adding a bonus room or extra bedroom
    • Upgrading finishes
    • Adding decks or screened porches
  • Typically the builder already owns the site

Production Homes

  • Homes
  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • For-rent properties
  • Designed by architect
  • Can be personalized by selecting from pre-set finishes
  • Do not allow changes in floor plans, windows, or other structural elements

Published by

Taylor Anderson

Taylor Anderson is a Residential Real Estate Broker/Realtor in Cary, NC and the surrounding areas. With a background in investment real estate, Taylor believes every real estate transaction is an investment. Minimizing risk while maximizing returns through an analysis of current market data yields wise investments and more importantly, knowledgable homeowners and investors. This resale-centric approach continues to encourage astute purchases for families and investors alike.

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